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How it works ?


An Owner is a user with the most access, permissions, and responsibilities. To use the program, the Owner must handle the entire system. Owner can upload admin product also.


Maintainer can Receive and respond to maintenance requests from tenants, track request status and completion, and schedule maintenance work.


Tenants can Access his Information, create Tickets, Pay Bills, Manage Documents, Show Notice from Owners.
Core Pages

Some of Our Core Pages

Oviota is the easiest all-in-one property management software. Lease your properties, manage work orders, automate accounting, and more.


You can send group reminder from here can create new invoice and can track tenant’s name, property, billing date, billing type, amount, payment status.


You can track all the tenant’s packages information here

You Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a property appraisal ?

A property appraisal is an assessment of the value of a property, typically conducted by a professional appraiser. The appraisal takes into account factors such as the propertys location, condition, size, and amenities to determine its market value.

What is a property management app ?

A property management app is a mobile application that helps property owners and managers manage their properties more efficiently. The app typically includes features such as rent collection, maintenance requests, tenant screening, and lease management.

What is a property management software ?

Property management software is a type of application designed to help property managers automate tasks related to managing rental properties, such as rent collection, maintenance requests, and tenant screening.